Grab 'em by the pussy (MAGA)

By Joshua RogerS

48" x 36"

Encaustic and textile on wood panel

A feminist response to candidate Trump's offhand remarks captured on tape and reported in 2016. Constructed of an entire US military internment flag, dipped in wax. Alternative advanced explanation: American artist John Lyndon Roberts (b. 1971) created this work from the bleached and shredded internment flag of his newly betrothed wife Lt. Darlene Jolanda Roberts (née Trump) (1991 – 2018). Lt. Roberts was a bomb disposal specialist and died doing what she loved. She was known by her peers as “the Elf” due to her especially dainty hands, which aided in her expertise in diffusing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Lt. Roberts was one of only 3 transgender women to have served in Afghanistan, and the only one of color. She was scheduled to undergo Vaginoplasty just months after her untimely death, following the scheduled end of her 3rd tour. Mr. Roberts commented through tears at the unveiling of this work: “I just wanted to give D. J. in death the vagina that she never got in life.” Darlene Jolanda Roberts was awarded the Silver Star medal by the President in 2019. She is the only transgender woman of color to have received this award.